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January Edition: Marta Festa

In collaboration with Acrimonia Magazine, they met up with Marta Festa, the Italian influencer originally from Milano with an idyllic appearance and an altruistic soul. 
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Tell us about yourself and what you do in life.

My name is Marta and I am 20 years old. I was born and I live in Milan. I started working at 15, when I was in the first year of high school, I was the face of a web magazine. Now I work as a model and I use social media to express my personality 100%.

What do you think are the most important contents to convey through social media?

Social media is a great means of communication, why not use them in an intelligent way? I have always tried to turn myself into the eyes of others. I show my everyday life, from the simplest things to the most complex ones. I would like the message to pass that anyone with their own passion, giving time to time, can do it. I have always tried to be "friend" of those who follow me. Followers are a number, we're all the same. Establishing genuine relationships with people is a tool to grow and learn.

Read the full interview with her here

Photography: Francesca Basili

Thanks to Logos PR

Marta Festa is wearing the ROSIE White denim trousers from the SS19 collection 'CUT OUTS', shop them here

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Before getting there...

Everything is possible, you can do whatever you want, no restrictions whatsoever. Sometimes it's difficult to deal with all that freedom, usually limitation helps the creative process. At least it gets more focused, instead of going in all directions. I'm limited by color and that's about it. And now when we do a lot of color, instead of only black and white, it's more fun. But then I sit there with all blank papers and all pencils and all color tubes and think”where the f*ck should I start? For the first time in ten years it will happen, the inspiration is gone, there will be no prints, we just buy something from a print company or we just copy someone else!”.

But no way. I start in a little corner. Trust the gut feeling in the end, because somewhere in there I know there will be prints, and they will be nice. The handmade part is super important for me. I love it in other brands and I would never take it away in my own. It makes things unique and personal. I don't want to sit and cut and paste vector flowers in Illustrator, too easy, too plain, too anonymous. Sometimes people say it's hard to see the 5preview DNA in our allover prints, for example florals. Then I tell them to look closer. The lines are hand drawn, the ink spots are there. The mistakes. The flaws.

So today I have been sitting all day working in Photoshop with high res scanned images of gouache drawings I did last week ( with a terrible flu!). It takes a lot of patience, the computer is ready to explode, files are so heavy and I'm working on 50 layers. But now, at 3 o'clock, I'm there! Showing Josephine and she seems both surprised and happy, and immediately we start to place it on the garments in the collection and that feeling is amazing, when everything is falling in it's place. And you know there will be another collection, and maybe the best one ever. 


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The accessories are a compliment to the main collection and are best presented together with the collection. The choices of fabric, colours and prints for bags goes back to the main collection. 

Inspiration for the bags lays in classic, unisex bags with volumes, functional forms and eye-catching themes. 

Explore the bag collection here

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The NELDA Waist bag is featured in the textilrevue magazine. 

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That time of the year.

Right after Copenhagen fashion week I usually come back up to Stockholm with a lot of inspiration. Or a lot of will to create something new: brave, colorful... Something that sticks out. Me and Josephine, the designer of 5preview, spent one day at the Revolver trade show, one day in thrift stores and one day at the museum Glyptoteket- among white marble statues and green plants. That place is truly amazing: quiet and beautiful.

Today I went to one of my favorite shops in Stockholm. At Mosebacke, close to our old studio, you find (well you have to look for it ) Konstnärernas Centralköp. It's all stripped off, just the essential. More like a warehouse. And they have everything! All kinds of color, paper, pencils, crayons, pigments and powders. The simplicity of the place makes me want to do things, try new techniques, draw and paint without rules and restrictions and then chose what could be nice for the new collection. I think it's important that the creative part in making a collection takes time, but not too much time as it is in fact, limited. So this time I'm trying gouache. I've been painting my whole life but I never tried gouache, and I LOVE it. The way it covers up, how easy it is to create color fields / block color. For big allover prints I think it will be perfect. I want to mix different patterns in a big placed print this time, and we're working on a lot of kaftans and robes for SS20 so I think it will be perfect. Back to work!


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5PWPEOPLE | Linn Wiberg

The name of the AW18 collection was decided the same day as Tom Petty passed away. R.I.P. Let “Free fallin’” from 1989 be a tribute, and a soundtrack to the AW18 collection. And now we wanna get to know one of the girls we worked with for many seasons more through music. Here is Linn Wiberg. 
What is your first memory of music?
Me and my little sister putting on hour long shows for our parents every weekend featuring hideous costumes and banging tunes such as Vengaboys, Bomfunck MC and Gyllene Tider.
Have your taste in music changed over the last ten years?
Considering I only listened to Håkan Hellström and Akon when I was 16 – thank god yes. Has it changed for the better? Prob not, but 7 years in London has left its traces. Still got a soft spot for most top 40 rnb mixed with a huge crush on Mick Jagger and all his 70s & 80s pals.
Which is your favourite song right now?
Faith – George Michael because it had 5000 people dancing with nuns dressed in golden sequins at the 1996 Romeo & Juliet immersive cinema production I put on with work (Secret Cinema). Makes my life fucking fab every time.
Which is your most emotional song that always will make you cry?
Ok, so you are asking the queen cry baby here…
Hello - Adele
Baby – Ariel Pink
Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton
Never Never – SBTRKT ft Sampha
Ängeln i rummet – Eva Dahlgren
Tell us one thing you’ve learned about love.
It’s what happens in all those seconds you don’t remember.
How would you describe your style?
Once somebody described me as a grungy Francoise Hardy. I WISH! Will live on that
forever though, thank you very much.

The 5PREVIEW look by Linn - The CARVELL Shirt and the Pony x 5PREVIEW collab shoes from SS19 collection. 

Follow our girl Linn on Instagram here - @linnwiberg



What is this collections color inspiration?

Pastels! Light-hearted sprinkles, ice cream and all that summery stuff. Also, to make a contrast to the wild & trashy lettering and graphics. And a popping yolk yellow, a coral red for details and a dark green that substitutes the black. 

Pastels like powder pink, mint green and light gray mixed with coral red and yolk yellow that really pops out. Surprising colours for 5preview, and mixed with the wild and trashy lettering and graphics, it’s a collection for dressing up and showing off. There is also a classic 5PREVIEW black and white minimal core in the collection. From minimalism to maximalism. 

Check out the SS19 Collection here.

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Short version. 

The SS19 collection grew organically. First as an idea – sketches, prototypes, tests and experiments back and forth to pattern cutters and tailors. We have a close and friendly collaboration with our suppliers in Italy, Portugal and China. The collection is concise which we are convinced is a necessary step for a sustainable thinking in fashion. Our focus is to create beautiful items that are supposed to be used again and again. Their uniqueness because of a small scale production gives the clothes a second hand value and a fuller life.

What is the inspiration behind the collection? The shapes are inspired by straight cut uniforms, workwear and classic sportswear like tracksuits. The graphics are inspired by the cut-outs of Matisse and punk flyers from the 70’s.

What is this collections color inspiration? Pastels! Light-hearted sprinkles, ice cream and all that summery stuff. Also, to make a contrast to the wild and trashy lettering and graphics. And a popping yolk yellow, a coral red for details and a dark green that substitutes the black.

What are the fabrics used? Denim (blue and coloured), cupro, tencel, silk / polyester chiffon, sporty acetate, interlock and a net, linen, cotton fleece. Linen, lyocell, viscose and cotton jersey.

How can we recognize 5preview? The prints! They’re bold iconic and ironic.

What’s different from previous collections? A lot of focus on the sport, it’s merged into the collection.

The colours

Pastels like powder pink, mint green and light gray mixed with coral red and yolk yellow that really pops out. Surprising colours for 5preview, and mixed with the wild and trashy lettering and graphics, it’s a collection for dressing up and showing off. There is also a classic 5PREVIEW black and white minimal core in the collection. From minimalism to maximalism.

“To draw the naked human body is a big challenge.” 

by Emeli Mårtensson.

Pictures from Pinterest



“Do something radical!” - the inspiration and the process.

by Emeli Mårtensson

In the 1950’s, the cut-outs of Matisse were considered very radical. Just like the punk flyers, and of course the whole punk movement, were extreme with their disturbing expression in the end of the 70’s. 

I’m standing in front of Matisse’s “Blue Nude” (“Nu bleu IV”) at the Matisse Museum in Menton.
I’m zooming in. The shapes that look all filled up from a distance appear to be made out of overlapping small pieces of paper. Altogether they create a texture that you don’t really notice in print. Papers painted with gouache color, glued on thick watercolor paper, attached to the canvas. It‘s among the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen, in it’s simplicity. 

I’m more inspired by graphic work, lettering, art and color than clothing itself. The clothes in this 5preview collection become like empty canvases to fill with expression. The more simple the shape is, the better it is. 

I got the advice some months ago (regarding design):  “Do something radical!”. Sometimes it’s hard. You get tangled up in the circumstances of work and life and it’s difficult to get the whole picture. 

One evening I was in my studio. On a table there was a pile of glossy fashion magazines. I started to look in them and was fascinated by all the brand logotypes in the advertisements. Famous brands, extremely loaded with value. They’re so loaded that people are ready to sell their soul to be a little piece of this imaginary bigger something. Influencers spread pictures from fascinating events, among desirable pieces of creation. Most of it looks like it’s just found in a thrift shop and it’s all about the styling of it. The brands copy themselves, and I think, a wonderful, extremely inspiring mess. 

I took a pair of scissors and started to cut out logotypes and words. Cut them apart, spread all the letters on the work desk and then put them together to something new. Little messages. Like a ransom note. New logotypes for brands that do not exist. Like the punk flyers I’ve always loved and collected.  With limited, or no, resources create something new. It was liberating, sometimes really silly but fun. It felt like coming back to the roots of 5PREVIEW. All in, edgy, bold and eye-catching.

The last years of his life, Henri Matisse was sick and lying in bed. He cut shapes of gouache painted paper and with help of his assistants he glued it onto the walls that surrounded him. All the remains of the cut-outs, the negative parts we usually throw away, are all archived there at the museum in Menton. Behind glass, in frames.



We’re attending the Revolver Trade show in Copenhagen, come and have a look at our FW 2019 Collection! 



Snowy days with Joelle 

Joelle is wearing the NICO Hoodie with 'PERSACE 'print on the back. 
Shop it here on 50% sale. 
Follow our friend Joelle on instagram here for a lot of inspiration. 



Puppy love

Strolling around in Toronto, Ontario with Jessica Candradi in the ADDIE Sweater with blue and red stripes. Shop the sweater here on 50% sale. 

Read our interview with her here.