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The 5PREVIEW Archives: Andrej Gronau

Another fortnight, another 5PREVIEW ARCHIVE collaboration! This week we are happy to introduce our collaborative efforts with Andrej Gronau.

At only 20 years of age, Bremen based Andrej only picked up his first camera a little over 8 months ago. With ample of natural talent and a keen eye for details he has managed to already have collated an impressive portfolio and develop envious personal style.

Here are some words from Andrej:

"I'm Andrej, a 20 year old guy who loves fashion, design and art. I've never actually been a photographer. Originally I am a graphic designer who always wanted to work later as an creative director with his own agency to create and design new brands or realize campaigns for magazines; fashion and beauty brands.

I love blogs and tumblr, old films and old music. That's how I came to photography. Blogs and editorials in magazines like vogue or interview inspired me to take pictures. So my father gave me my small nikon and I started taking pictures. After a few months later I had my first magazine feature in the elléments magazine and a project with  Heidi Klum
Agency „One Eins“ where I photographed Jacqueline, a TOP 10 candidate from Germany's Next Top Model.

The 5Preview Archives project was my first big project where I can show a bigger audience my photographs.

From now I'm working with leading model agency's in Germany to help them in their development department and with their new faces. I'm helping the girls building strong model books.

I really don't know if I'll work as a photographer or a art or creative director. But for sure I'll work in an creative job!

I'm a dreamer. My biggest photography dream? Photographing Cara Delevigne :D"

We will be featuring images from our collaboration with Andrej over the next two weeks so be sure to stay in tune. 

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